SHINYGEL Education System

SHINYGEL Education System is the course to understand gel nail and SHINYGEL deeply, and to get the knowledge and technique for offering maximum gel nail performance to the customer.




Advanc Pro I/II
Contents I<Theoretical Part : Introduction of Gel Nail>
Introduction of SHINYGEL, and Basic Theory of Gel Nail contains “pH level of nail gel and its influence to natural nails” and “Basic chromatics”.
II<Technical Part: SIHNYGEL Technical Exercise>
Basic Gel Nail Technique with the use of SHINYGEL Professional products.
Eligible Person Professional Manicurist
Advanc Pro III/IV
Contents IIIStudy and Exercise of MEDI-Base gel with Antibacterial effect, Basic hygieiology and Basic chromatics.

IVStudy and Exercise of Fill-in gel and Basic counseling theory for nails.
Eligible Person SHINYGEL Adviser (or who completes Advance Pro I/II )

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